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Dishonor restricted Jesus from moving during his earthly ministry! What do you think dishonor is restricting from you?

We all are vulnerable to becoming blind to various problems in our lives! We must always put forth time, focus, and energy into making sure we stay seeking God with a pure heart!

Are you giving everything you have to God? A fully devoted heart is what pleases God!

It's a very terrible thing to live for God without God. God sent forth His Holy Spirit to bring conviction into our lives. Do not reject conviction!

Remember to stay thankful! Thankfulness will bring you joy and peace that is lasting!

The Bible encourages over and over for us as believers to involve ourselves in a christian community. Get plugged into a church and prosper!

Yes, you heard that right! To be a christian is to love your enemies!

As a christian we are called to maintain the unity of the body of the christ and put effort into all of our relationships!

If we are to reach out and accomplish new goals we must unify together and focus on furthering God's kingdom!

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