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The Bible tells us to be sober minded. Believe it or not a lot of us are drunk but not on alcohol. What are you drunk on?

Jesus wants to know, who do you know Him as?

The Bible tells us very clearly that we can grieve the Holy Spirit with our actions so we should live in a way that pleases God.

God took the ultimate defeat of the cross and turned it into the ultimate victory! Imagine what He can do with all of your trials!

God has you where you are, but are you going through it or are you growing through it?

Quitting is the only sure way to defeat! 

Sometimes God will lead us to our wits' end to come to the end of ourself and truly find Him.

God says He will spit us out His mouth if we are on the fence! We have to choose a side! God's side!  

Yesterdays anointing was good, but God wants to pour out a fresh anointing on you and it comes from knowing Him!

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